10 Types Of Ladies That Are In Relationships But Still Sleep Around

Nigerian comic writer, Tosyne2much has drawn the attention of guys to the types of ladies that are in relationship yet sleep around. 

The foundation of every loving relationship is based on a genuine respect, faithfulness and
steadfast trust in your partner, but recently, there have been so much complaints from guys that always they find themselves entangled with ladies that have a life full of promiscuity and debauchery, to put it frankly, promiscuous ladies.

I know these are the types of ladies who typically aren't the type of ladies any right thinking man will want to spend the rest of his life with.

All in all, though it can be difficult to catch such ladies redhanded but hopefully, this article sheds some light on these types of girls.

1. Money-mongers

They don't want to be a part of any struggle as they prioritize materials and comfort more than anything. They spend a lot of money to dress down casually with the high-end designer labels, creams, makeups, butt and bosom pads. No matter how financially supportive their boyfriends can be to them, they are always ready to dump them and go in pursuit of anything on trouser just to satisfy their insatiable desire. They are never faithful to their partners due to materialistic nature coupled with the fact that they worship at the altar of money

2. The Motor Obsessed

They enjoy roaming around town in the big fancy vehicle and gathering all attention because, to them, that is enjoyment and fulfillment. They often say they can't stoop so low to date a guy who doesn't own a car and thus live by this standard. It doesn't really matter whether the car is Peugeot 504, Parsat, Volkswagen Beetle or Volvo, as long as it has four tires and can transport them to the places they want, they are cool with it. When you find yourself entangled with a lady that is obsessed with cars, consider yourself single because you risk a chance of losing her to a car owner especially if you don't have one.

3. The Joystick Obsessed 

This may sound weird but believe me, not all girlfriends sleep around for money or material things. Some actually do that because of their insatiable sexual desires. For a girl that so much loves the pleasures of joysticks, this can be a very difficult transition because she will definitely seek out partners to fill her needs in your absence. Some of them can even sleep riff raffs and claim it was rape.

4. The Owambes

These are party freaks. They always want to be the centre of attention everywhere they go and will always do anything to have it. They attend wedding ceremonies looking 100% artificially dressed. They take more photographs than the bride and won't let photographers rest. The moment they are taking these pictures, they are going straight to their social media page with immediate effect where they tag all these village people. When you're dating an owambe lady, you're only labouring for another man to eat.

5. Feminists

Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” A good thing, right? In theory, yes. But these days, I feel that feminism’s underlying message has been forgotten and replaced with some seriously troubling ideas such as "promiscuity and hypocrisy". Recently, girls are taught by feminism that sleeping around is somehow “empowering,” and that's why they always take side with promiscuous women. The characters they posses are arrogance, pride and they always want to the boss in the relationship. When a lady is claiming to be a feminist but simultaneously and actively participate in infidelity, it's a big sign of “hypocrisy".

6. "I don't put all my eggs in one basket" type of ladies

It's very shameful that some often say they owe no man loyalty and faithfulness in as much as he has not paid their bride price. Even though they admit to be in relationships yet they keep multiple sex partners under the guise of "I can't put all my eggs in one basket"; what if the guy fuccks up?. Any lady with the mindset that she owes no man loyalty and faithfulness when unmarried usually sleep with other guys as a form of proving to herself that she is still desirable, and thus validating herself.

7. Outing/Food Freaks

They like food more than every other thing and can eat fifteen wraps of fufu and will still be demanding for more. They find it very difficult to refuse to going on a date with an interested suitor knowing fully well that they stand a very good chance of stomach infrastructure especially in exotic places like Mr. Biggs, KFC, Sweet Sensation, etc. Such girlfriends can easily be lured to bed with a plate of food.

8. Unnecessarily Secretive Ladies

If your girlfriend typically has a
million complaints about you checking her phone thereby calling you insecure for altering her privacy, this is a red flag. This is a sign that indicates a girlfriend that cheats or permit me to say, sleep around. She could be chatting with another dude about how she enjoyed having sex with him which she doesn't want you to see.

9. Attention Seekers

Her relationship status changes from single to engaged, married to complicated every week. Her relationship status on social media changes like disco light because she doesn't know what she wants. Even their boyfriends can't question them because they are the boss in the relationship.

10. Celebrity Freaks

Most ladies that droll over celebrities are usually promiscuous ladies and this is very evident in public shows. When some of them attend shows with their boyfriends, they shamelessly come on stage stripping themselves unclad for a performing artist. This reminds me when I took my ex to a show and she fainted when Saheed Osupa was performing on stage. I just shook my head and that was the end of the relationship.

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10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

National Youth Service Corps can be fun and exciting yet a great time to define your goals in life, a time to build relationship, or any number of other things. It is a step closer to “real life" when there are pitfalls and landmines along the way that can derail one on the path to fulfilling your dreams and careers in life.

There are some major dark sides of National Youth Service scheme which are pathetic, thinking of various abnormalities participants are brewing on a daily basis which are

1. Having secret love affairs with students 

Some male corps members are nothing but paedophiles as they are fond of taking advantage of the innocence of students entrusted with them to gain sexual gratification. It's very disgraceful to see male corps members jubilating when posted to primary/ secondary schools because they know they stand a very good chance of sleeping with girls that are below the age of consent. This is the height of stupidity being perpetuated by some male corps members and that's what some of them spend their time doing for a while years then they return home the same way they left.

2. Extravagant spending/ lack of saving culture 

Spending recklessly, lavishly and ostentatiously on irrelevant things are common traits among some corpers of today. They eat with their two hands, go into debts and will still demand more money from home. In fact, even their khakis and jungle boots can easily be recognized by every beer palour in their environment where they normally have rendezvous. These are people who will return back home empty handed after their service year after which they will begin to constitute nuisance in the society by becoming IPOB and Afonja when joblessness hit them.

3. Lusting after ladies 

It's not new to us that some male corps members are fond of chasing and sleeping with both village and rural girls out of NYSC exuberance. In fact, I, Tosyne2much, have even witnessed a scenario when a male corps member sighted his crush by and quickly dashed into his room to change into his khaki and jungle boot so that the girl will know he's a serving corper. Some of them impregnate these girls in the process and will head to NYSC secretariat for redeployment to another state in other to avoid shame and embarrassment. This is how notorious some guys can be and that's how curses follow them anywhere they go.

4.  Married/Engaged Woman disguising themselves as single ladies in orientation camps

Many of us must have seen married and engaged women stupidly falling in love with random guys in orientation camps because of stomach infrastructure at mami market.
These are ladies who find it difficult to their hold body for three weeks in the absence of their husbands/boyfriends. I remember when I was serving in Kano in 1995, a married woman and a guy were caught doing it on parade ground and were both sent packing.

5. Stupidly falling in love with play boys

Most ladies, if not all, get carried away by the euphoria of NYSC and that's why there's a high possibility of losing your girlfriend the moment she goes for service. This is the time they cohabit and flirt with anything that has two legs since their boyfriends is far away. They can even flirt native doctors and palm wine tappers forgetting they have boyfriends somewhere. At the end of the day, they return home with syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, trichomoniasis, HIV/AIDS, etc.

6. Rebel against native laws 

No matter how some rules seem to be old-fashioned, corpers should endeavour to pay obedience to them especially those that are serving in the villages. It has been observed that some corps members usually rebel against what they deem to be outdated laws because they feel they're too educated to obliged to them and that's how many of them invite problems into their lives. E.g sleeping with people's wives, oro festival, etc.

7. Picking pockets and stealing 

Some corpers are notorious thieves who exhibit their stealing prowess in orientation camps and have been caught vandalizing people bags just to steal their money, phones, chargers, clothes, caps etc; and when they get caught and excommunicated from camp, they put the blame on their village people. That was how a corper vandalized my bag and stole the three packs of Gold circle condom I took to camp and left me stranded. :-\

8. Sleeping with NYSC Officials to get posted to juicy places 

So many female corps members have been  caught sleeping ladies with soldiers, camp commandants, gate men and photographers with the hope of being posted to juicy places. At the end of the day, they still get posted to ridiculous places where they have no access to light, water and network

9. Not allowing the service year to pass through them

First degree is now gradually fading out as employers believe it is no longer enough to equip you for a competitive labour marker and that's you must have something special to offer that will give you an added edge instead of expecting people to bow their heads for you because you think you have a Bsc. Many corps members don't consider going out of their ways to add to their knowledge but only fantasize about how they will work in Chevron after their service year.

10. Pride and over bloated ego

Making friends and meeting new people right from the basic orientation exercise in camp increases people's chances of getting connected to the right people. Getting acquainted with the right people can be very resourceful because they may be very useful in your job search. Some corps members remain stagnant not because they are not resourceful but because they are too proud and pompous. They feel they are above any other person therefore they don't see themselves mingling and discussing with people that can help their situation.

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Ladies, 10 Ways To Cope With A S*x Starved Boyfriend

One of the greatest headaches of many young ladies in relationships is the issue of s*x. While they find themselves entangled in love, some guys tend to take advantage of their undying love with inappropriate sex demands even when their intention is only to hit and run away  

If a lady denies a guy s*x, it is either the guy thinks she does not love him or she is actually having it with another person. 

Dating a s*x starved guy comes with a lot of frustration, patience and endurance, and the following preparations and activities will help a great deal in helping ladies to know how to cope with them. 

1. Avoid visiting him during rainfall 

It's a known fact that, a 'weather for two', usually used on rainy days to imply a perfect weather for sex has pervasively become the order of the day in this the so-called modern days. The situation now is such that, it is an opportune time many guys normally satisfy their thirst for s*x. It's a very bad idea and a great torture to visit a s*x starved boyfriend in a rainy weather when you know you're sexually restrained :D

2. Take your leave when his joystick erects*

Be prepared to leave the scene the moment you're having a non romantic discussion (ASUU strike or rats invasion in Buhari's office) and his joystick begins to change from its default position. In fact, it should be the very moment your conversation starts hanging, words become scarce and both of you start staring at each other. In order to not seem like you're punishing him, endeavour to take your leave the moment he leaves where he was sitting and comes over by your side breathing heavily like Usain Bolt after an 100m race. 

3. Never allow his friends vacate the room  

The moments his friends who were all with both of you start leaving one after the other for no good reason, this could be arranged so that the show can begin :D . This is the right time to persuade them to stay and make them understand that you're feeling their presence, and that you may be forced to leave if they don't stay. When you are able to convince them to stay, you have spoilt their plans. 

4. Always wear tight clothes when visiting 

Another way ladies can cope with their s*x starved boyfriends is to wear tight clothes that have restrictions. This would make it  pretty difficult getting them out of the cloth and it would give them enough time to lose interest when the chances of pulling the clothes is likened to chasing Buhari out of Aso Rock.. They are likely to get disappointed and you will hear statement like "this outfit doesn't make sense at all, why did you even wear it to my place? " :D

5. Always bring an escort along when visiting 

Many will agree with me, Tosyne2much that it's practically impossible for him to initiate s*x when you bring someone along with you. If you have no friend around, take your dog along so that it will cause distraction. Although, this may cause quarrel between the both of you but it's one of the ways of protecting yourself 

6. Avoid visiting if he has no chairs in his room 

Some guys can go to the length of keeping their chairs in the neighbour's apartment, leaving only the bed so that the lady will feel more relaxed and distracted. The best thing to do is to take your chair to his house or better still, kindly sit on the carpet :D

7. Always dress Rural/ Unappealing 

The way you present yourself matters a lot and you can't blame your boyfriend for demanding s*x from you when you act, dress and behave like someone who is willing to give it. If you're the type that usually dresses skimpy and flirts about, it won't be easy to cope with a starved guy. The best thing to do to piss them off is to avoid wearing skimpy dresses but rather a cloth that has fifty shoulder pads and can be wide enough to sew bedsheets. This will make you look sexually unappealing and it will make the guy's joystick go flaccid the moment you knock on his door :D

8. Always talk about Jesus in his presence

Always sing hymns and talk about Jesus Christ at regular intervals each time you're together. Always send Daddy Kumuyi's preachings as whatsapp broadcast first thing in the morning. Use Jesus' pictures as your wallpaper and screensaver and also paste in on the four walls of your room. 

9. Avoid passing the night at his place 

Even if circumstances beyond your control force you to pass the night at his place, avoiding sleeping on the bed with him, but rather let him sleep on the bed while you sleep on the floor and vice versa. This is a way of protecting yourself when you aren't willing to give in. 

10. Direct him to your pastor or parents when he initiates s*x

This is a shocker for most s*x starved guys and it will make them lose interest rapidly. Since they have no marriage intentions they will never want to come see your parents but will look for a way to bow out of the relationship. 

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10 Places Broke Guys Normally Propose To Their Girlfriends

Marriage proposals are a huge deal. You are making a pre-commitment to surrender yourself to a lady for the rest of your life. It's a phase when you surrender bachelorhood for fatherhood in promising to raise children with her and remain faithful to her in all things. Since it’s such a big deal, you need to go about it the right way, which entails being original and true to yourself and knowing your bride-to-be very well, rather than a public exhibition of stupidity and all sorts of irrelevant dramas just to subject a lady to ulterior shock and perhaps, trend on social media. 

However, marriage proposal is now a form of competition where broke guys go out their ways in order to feel among, and below are the places broke guys normally propose to their girlfriends :D

1. Whatsapp 

I don't understand why a guy cannot stand in the presence of the one lady he claims to love to express his intent, rather than do it on Whatsapp of all places. This barbaric act is very common with broke guys since they cannot afford to propose to a lady at exotic places. They subscribe to Whatsapp monthly plan of 10MB and will use it to propose to their girlfriends on Whatsapp call, OLX, Facebook, Snapchat, 2go, Badoo, etc :D

2. Public Transport

It's mildly embarrassing to see guys proposing to their girlfriends in danfo buses, keke napep, BRT buses, molue. In fact, some guys are broke yet confident that they can woo and propose to a random lady on okada. This is one of the ways broke guys normally propose to ladies 
3. In the Bedroom 

I want us to know that it's not every guy that can afford to propose to a lady at Shoprite, Silverbird cinema or Elegushi. And as a commissioner for broke guys on social media, many will agree with me (Tosyne2much) that some of us will rather propose to our girlfriends on a low key in our one face-to-face apartment in order to avoid public mockery and embarrassment. 

4. At Beer Palour

At funny as it sounds, those who are broke and are battling with low self esteem will first get drunk at a local restaurant for morale boosting before proposing to their girlfriends. This is usually due to the fear of rejection but after gulping ten bottles of beer and two plates of nkwobi, they get drunk and begin to propose to her publicly. 

5. At the Roadside/ Bus Stop 

To some people, you will not have a successful marriage in as much as you haven't put your girlfriend on the spot by staging a drama and popping the question in front of family, friends and enemies. Some of us must have witnessed at least a guy who proposed to his girlfriend at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Iyana-Ipaja bus stop, Alaba international market, Ladipo market, etc; and other places dominated by thugs/area boys. 

6. Market Places

I know a guy in my area who got the shock of his life when his girlfriend turned down his proposal and walked out on him simply because he proposed to her in a market place. She felt embarrassed and quickly took the next available okada when her boyfriend proposed to her in a place where pepper, tomatoes, ponmo, locus beans are sold. When the guy was made the subject of laughter by people who witnessed the scenario, he told them not to blame him that he was broke and that was what he could afford to do. 

7. At People's Party 

Broke guys are naturally smart people and can steal other people's show just to create attention for themselves. Since they can't afford to make an elaborate marriage proposal, they will steal other people show by proposing to their girlfriends when they see that the places is crowded so that the attention will be diverted to them. Some of them will even take their marriage proposal pictures with Sagem or Alcatel phone :D

8. At Funeral 

As funny as it sounds, some broke guys can propose to their girlfriends where people are mourning the death of their loved one. This has once happened in Ojuelegba where a guy was beaten to pulp and handed over to the police for proposing at a funeral. 

9. At NYSC Camp

Many will agree with Tosyne2much that another place broke guys normally propose to their girlfriend is NYSC camp ground. The moment they meet their future partner in camp, they make it seem like a joke and will propose to her even though they only survive by their monthly alawi being offered by federal government. 

10. Election ground/ Polling Booth

Last year we saw the story of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend at a polling booth since that's what he can afford. This is usually common with APC supporters :D

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10 Categories Of Ladies That Will End Up As Promiscuous Wives

One slice of reality is that ladies are becoming more promiscuous than men to the extent that many ladies now compete and have multiple sex partners as much as men.

The most surprising thing is that, some of them take pride in being promiscuous during the youthful days and when they eventually get married, they still unleash this same act of promiscuity.

Although, I totally understand that guys are not better in any way, but the rate at which female infidelity is now increasing dramatically, a recent article even advised that it's imperatively obligatory for every man to carry out a DNA on every alleged child, in order to avoid fathering another man's child(ren). While this sounds very ridiculous and may collapse a marriage, that's the height at which people no longer trust women.

Without wasting time, Tosyne2much hereby dishes out the 10 categories of ladies who are likely to become unfaithful and promiscuous wives.

1. Ladies Who Love Flashy Things

Not all ladies open their legs when being offered money except for materialistic ladies that can easily bought or lured to bed with a plate of pepper soup (isi ewu, nkwobi) and other ridiculous things. If her hubby gets into financial problem and money no longer flows like before, she will follow anything on trousers just to keep up with her flamboyant lifestyle. Ladies who are thrilled by flashy things are naturally born to be promiscuous and not marriage can change them.

2. Ladies With Friends Of Questionable Dispositions

A woman who keep irresponsible and wayward women as friends is likely to join in their acts. Though, she might be a different person but never underrated the strength of pressure group. When a woman has one or more friends who take pride in gold-digging and sleeping around for whatever reason, it's just a matter of time before she starts manifesting that same habit.

3. Female Celebrities

The recent trend of broken marriages of Nigerian actresses has become a natural phenomenon and a recurring decimal, which if not checked, could mislead many young ladies of today. Most times, some of us lay the blame for their failed marriages on the their husbands, unknown to them that many of these marriages hit the rock just because most of these actresses continue with their trashy lifestyle even after marriage. Most female celebrities marriage crash because they fail to let go their promiscuous lifestyle.

4. Feminists

In a recent article published to condemn
female promiscuity, it was so shocking that many ladies supported the idea of sleeping around and that they will do the same thing when they get married. Things have no gone worse that Nigerian ladies definition of feminism is that they also to sleep around like some men do without getting castigated, under the guise of "after all, men also cheat too"; and that's why we have high rate of divorce these days.

5. Fashion Freaks

Any lady that is so much concerned about how she wants to be the central of attraction anywhere she goes, is sexually vulnerable to any guy who gives her a servile display of exaggerated compliments or affection. Most ladies that are fashion freaks are usually very promiscuous in even in relationship or marriage.

6. Slay Queens

Most young ladies who trade their body for money or have many se× partners in their youthful days will need the intervention of T. B Joshua for them to remain faithful to their husbands, because some of them will get married and still be dressing like whores. When their hubby is far away; let's say he goes to works or travels abroad, yes! That's the perfect time to sleep around. In fact, I usually applaud men who take the risk of getting married to these ladies when they know that there's a high possibility of them reverting back to their old lives

7. Ladies That Can Be Easily Deceived

No matter how good a guy can be in sweet-talking ladies to bed, I want us to know that there are still some strong willed ladies out there who cannot be tossed around with deceitful tongue or money . Any lady that wants to live up to her friends expectations and lifestyle is not strong willed lady and can compromise her stand any time. These are ladies that will dump their husbands for ridiculous reason, leaving their children behind.

8. Party/Alcohol Freaks

An adage in Yoruba says "don't be disappointed if the woman you married at the club house leaves you for a drunkard". Some of these ladies are already used to smoking marijuana and will always do anything to satisfy their addiction. Even after marriage, they can still keep up with their bad habits

9. Ladies Whose Mothers Are Also Promiscuous

One basic that distinguishes a virtuous woman from "babes" is her upbringing. Many parents, especially mothers, are not helping matters as they also live promiscuous life by cheating on their husbands and will rub it to their daughter's face, which sometimes make these ladies emulate their mother's lifestyle.

10. Deceitful Ladies

Another categories of ladies that will be promiscuous after marriage are keep their past from their partner just to look decent.
These are people that will lie that they were deflowered in 1985 and have been sexually inactive since then. Any relationship built on lies and deceit will end the same way. Those have something up their sleeves but keep it secret in order to look decent are usually promiscuous women.


10 Categories Of People That Will Never Fall During Anointing

Falling under the anointing involves the submission of a spirit to a higher vessel. In this process, some people have very strong and non-receptive spirit, while some may not.

During deliverance or anointing service, the pastor evidently lays lands on members of the congregation for healing, casting or binding, and you see people fall to the ground unconsciously.

If you're very observant like Tosyne2much, you must have observed that there are people who will never fall under the anointing no matter how powerful a pastor can be, and below are these categories of people.


This has been a question on the mind of  everyone why photographers are not susceptible to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit during anointing service. These people will always hold firmly unto their cameras and will keep taking shots without any fear or panic. So, even if the pastor blows wind or tsunami right from the pulpit and then everyone falls, the photographers will surely remain gallant, unaffected and will keep doing their jobs :D

2. Cameramen

Whenever you watch a broadcast of any Christian crusade, the cameramen will be the least people that will fall under the anointing, even when the pastor commands the Holy Spirit and it pushes everyone down in the congregation. The cameramen are usually immune to the Holy Spirit and may even be laughing at those victims.

3. Instrumentalists

Instrumentalists are the people that will keep on playing solemn songs (hymns) to keep people in the spirit during this session. They are usually distracted by their instruments, but you and the Holy Spirit requires calmness and quietness of heart that is focused on him. Dem no go ever fall lai lai

4. Atheists

I believe we all know that there are still sizable number of people who don't believe in the existence God yet they attend church programmes for one reason or the other. I guess the reason why these ones don't fall is due to the fact they feel those who fall are only pretenders or paid to do so, therefore, their doubtful minds programmed towards resist anointing will never make them fall.

5. Church Guards

Even if anointing comes raining like fire, the church guards will surely remain gallant without any fear or panic. Many will agree with Tosyne2much that the church guards will be in the church auditorium unconcerned and unaffected.

6. Phone charging addicts

These are people who come to church just to charge their phones. They are usually restless and will be going to check their phones by regular intervals. During anointing, if the pastor asks everyone to be praying profusely and be expectant, these people will always disobey protocols and will find a way to open their eyes to check the battery percentage of their phones. In fact, some of them go sit down for one corner whastapping and Facebooking.
Even if anointing rain fire, e no consign them because they're not in the spirit.

7. Ushers

Everyone should have also noticed that users too hardly fall during anointing. Maybe it's because they always have diverted attention as a result of their spiritual alertness to guide possessed members from disorganizing the church when anointing fall on them.

8. Big Boys/ Girls

These are big boys and ladies with starched boxers and bras. Just because they feel it will be a thing of embarrassment to fall to the ground while their crush are, looking at them, they hold their legs firmly to the ground, dragging with the pastor even if the pastor wrestles to push them down.

9. Non hypocrites

If really, you are to fall by God's Spirit, you will just find yourself on the ground without knowing when and how. The pastor doesn't need to touch you or wrestle with you before you fall. There are people who are true to themselves, unlike some people who consciously fall just because other people are falling and they don't want to be left out. The non hypocrites don't see the need to fall just because they want to fake it.

10. Ministers

Since they are the ones to carry out the anointing exercise, you don't expect them to fall nah, except in rare occasions.

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Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)