10 Categories Of People That Invest Their Money Into MMM

Due to the quagmire state of the nation, the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, also know as MMM, is a mutual fund scheme that has been helping a lot of people survive this period of recession by providing financial help on the principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence

However,  everyone who invests into it does for purpose of receiving 30% profit after 30 days, and below are these categories of people.

1. The Awoofites

As we all know that an average Nigerian wants to reap where he/she did not sow. These people can be found attending parties they were not invited and will be gulping  beer and feeding like there's famine in Nigeria. I need not convince you that people who are suffering from awoofism will always invest their money into MMM

2. Lazy People

Most lazy people usually detest working but will always see this scheme as a blessing in disguise and a shortcut to becoming rich overnight. Many will agree with me that these people can go to the length of borrowing money to invest into so that they can live luxuriously.

3. Those who have no money to Marry

Since the prices of all commodities have escalated, those who have been unable to marry due to financial incapacity will channel the little they have been able to save up into MMM so that they can afford to buy cows, pay bride price, rent halls and canopies for their wedding.

4. Those who are Unemployed

Unemployment rate is very high in the country, therefore, many unemployed graduates will invest the little they have into the scheme so that they won't even look for jobs anymore. These people can even invest as low as N500 just to have a return of N650 after 30 days

5. Those who were Sacked from Work

Those who were retrenched from work and have no other means of survival to feed their families or pay their rent, will invest the last salary they received before they were sacked into MMM so that their their landlords will not send them packing. These people are likely to commit suicide if MMM crashes.

6. Those who want to become Landlords

Some will invest their money into it just because they want to buy a plot of land in Mowe or Ibafo where lands are ridiculously cheap. They log into MMM website every minute just to be rest assured that MMM has not crashed. Immediately their money reaches 150k, they are off to Mowe or Ibafo

7. Bank Managers

Some bank managers will use customers' savings to invest just to get a profit of 30% in return. They usually invest as much as N10m just to get a profit of 3 million in return.

8. Those who want to celebrate Christmas elaborately

Since Xmas is around the corner and the situation of the country is unbearable, they will invest the little they have before November 25th, so that they can cash out before Xmas and buy good clothes and shoes

9. Those with low income salaries 

I pity these people because their salaries are relatively low. They try as much as possible to invest into the scheme so that their income can at least double up.

10. Those whose Girlfriends dumped them for being Poor

Those who girlfriends broke up with them for being poor will be frustrated into investing into MMM so that they will become rich and make her regret dumping them .

Where do you belong?

I drop my pen at this juncture

Solely Written by: Tosyne2much 

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