10 Categories Of Ladies That Don't Deserve Rich Men As Husbands

While this write-up comes like the rattle of a gun, it's pertinent to know that it's a common notion in our milieu that girls fall for money instead of the person, and I'm sorry for breaking it out to you that the reasoning is flawed in every aspect.

Although, to live comfortably, it’s perfectly natural for a woman to check and consider financial wellness before going into a relationship with a man, because, together, they can afford to live a better and quality life. However, if a woman desires her man to have money, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a gold digger, but it's only disastrous when ladies rush go into relationship for the wrong reasons and when these reasons do not suffice, things may take an ugly turn.

But, despite ladies' unremitting pursuit for wealthy/rich men, and how shallow it might seem for a lady to throw yourself at these men, has a lady ever asked herself if she truly deserves these men?

In as much as this is not aimed at bashing anyone, I'm going to point out the categories of ladies that don't deserve rich men as husbands.

1. Fairy Tales Ladies 

Make things sha happen na wetin dey sweet these ones pass. These are ladies that easily fall for liars and any man with sugarcoated mouth. Just make empty promises of taking them to Dubai or promise them imaginary money to start up business and watch them wave goodbye to their boyfriends, and by the time the these come back to their senses and returned back to the ladies that stood by them during trying times, they return back to their boyfriends whom they had earlier neglected just to reap where they did not sow. Permit me to say that any lady that is not ready to strive with any man to attain greatness but only want to reap where she did not sow is nothing but a leech, and the best way to treat people like that is to chase them away with cutlass.

2. Ladies without Career/Business Goals

In this state of economy quagmire, young men need to align themselves with ladies that are career and business oriented, or ladies who also strive towards achieving the similar goals with them, otherwise, the man has little chances of having financial breakthrough due to top much burden. These days, all we see are ladies who have no dreams, goals, talents or visions but are usually the ones that express their love for already made men and their disgust for broke guys, especially on social media. Ladies who have no ambition of also striving towards making money don't deserve any rich man as husband because you can't give what you don't have.

3. Daft/Unintelligent ladies

No matter how rich a man can be, these ladies will end up using their daftness to revert a man back to the state of poverty. Though, some of them can be very pretty but do not be deceived by their beauty because some of them demand too much just because they feel they're pretty. Their only priority in life is to fight for a car front seat with their brother-in-law; how to enlarge their butts and bosoms, how to look spotless and stunning. Have you ever tried asking them what they can deposit into the man's life to make him a better person, and they will tell you they will pay him back with mind blowing sex and suicidal positions in bed. How can you need a rich guy when you are not bright?

4. Good Diggers/Materialistic Ladies 

When you have the privilege to meet a good woman, I mean a very "good lady", her interest in you rapidly diminishes the moment you start talking about your car, house and financial standing in a bid to impress her. Even if you're broke, a woman of virtue will devise means and strategies to help achieve your goals and aspirations in life because she sees future in you, and she'll stand by you through difficult times. But this is completely a different thing for materialistic and gold digging ladies. A gold digger doesn’t care about building your financial life; her love for luxury and material items would overshadow the need to care about your financial base. She isn’t the type that would encourage you to save, instead she will cause your expenditure to be extremely high. The most barbaric is meeting a lady barely a week and she's beginning to tell you how she hasn't fed for months and how she needs money for her upkeep. If Dangote had settled down with such a lady as a wife, I don't think he would be in the leagues of billionaires today.

5. Lazy Girls

Just because our religious and traditional laws have made men the breadwinner of the family, ladies are becoming lazy/ unproductive day and day. This is due to the fact that some of them were brought up by their parents that men should be responsible for cleaning up their poo and wiping of their ass when the need arises. Just as it's said that there's no food for a lazy man, I believe this assertion is equally applicable to women too. Of all the verses in the Bible, the only one these ladies are very familiar with, is the one that justifies their laziness "a man that can't provide for his family is worth than an infidel". These are the same ladies who are quick to say "go and make money before you woo me" even if though they've not returned the N100 they borrowed from MTN for the past two months. These categories of ladies don't deserve rich men as husbands, because, any man that considers a lazy/unproductive woman as a wife is only putting his roof on fire.

6. Slay Queens

In a quest to live luxurious life, young ladies are becoming more promiscuous, with more sexual partners than men. By the age of 21, some of them have had sex with an average of nine lovers (twice more than their male partner) just because of their excessive desire for money. And a quarter have slept with more than ten partners in the five years after losing their virginity, and this scares the hell out of me to have a female child. These are ladies that are tantamount to nothing but want the world to be awarded to them because they think they've got an enterprise between their legs. It's very astonishing that these ladies usually fall into the hands of ignorant rich men while the reserved and conservative ladies can't even find husbands. Marry them and they will leave you when money no longer flows

7. Stingy Ladies 

It's very horrifying that some ladies will still look for every little opportunity to extort money from you even if they earn twice than you do. Some of them will have airtime on their phones and still be flashing you incessantly to call them back. They find it very hard to shop or buy stuffs with their own money, unless a guy is paying for them. They are only concerned about their insatiable desires but not how to better a man's life. In fact, I have heard a lady saying she has never and will never buy a phone with her money, not when she has suitors, and I (Tosyne2much) wept for those gullible brothers who fall into the hands of these women. This is such a bad and horrible trait in a woman, considering the fact that this height of stinginess will only make you remain in one spot. Funny enough, these are ladies that chase after rich men even though they don't deserve these men.

8. Petenders/Deceitful Ladies 

Courtship is filled with lots of conceit, deceit and pretense these days. Some ladies are just very bad but they want to get engaged and marry. They know any sane man will not  settle down with them with their bad attitude, so guess what? They decide to pretend to be a better person, just to be able to attract and fool that partner, and after marriage, there's no reason to keep on playing the expensive hide and seek again, therefore, they unleash their true nature. Every financially stable guy should be sensitive enough and watch out for these signs while courting. Don't dismiss it as a mistake, but go for a better woman.

9. Fetish/Over Posessive Ladies 

The rate at which young girls patronize herbalists these days is very appalling just because they want to dominate a man's life. We've seen fetish women who separated their husbands from siblings and parents while we've also seen extremely desperate ladies who killed their husbands at the expense of his properties. Even if you're rich and you notice this irrational trait of  in a lady, it's better you take a dash before you put upon yourself, calamity.

10. Gluttons 

When you take a lady on a date and she brings gang of friends along in a bid to "eat your money", or you go on a date with a lady and she begins to feed as if there's famine in the land, don't you ever think it's no big deal because money is not your problem. The truth of the matter is that it's a warning sign of danger that people don't pay attention to.

I repeat! This is not to bash anybody but to spill out the bitter truth

I hope this makes sense?

Thanks for reading

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