10 Places Broke Guys Normally Propose To Their Girlfriends

Marriage proposals are a huge deal. You are making a pre-commitment to surrender yourself to a lady for the rest of your life. It's a phase when you surrender bachelorhood for fatherhood in promising to raise children with her and remain faithful to her in all things. Since it’s such a big deal, you need to go about it the right way, which entails being original and true to yourself and knowing your bride-to-be very well, rather than a public exhibition of stupidity and all sorts of irrelevant dramas just to subject a lady to ulterior shock and perhaps, trend on social media. 

However, marriage proposal is now a form of competition where broke guys go out their ways in order to feel among, and below are the places broke guys normally propose to their girlfriends :D

1. Whatsapp 

I don't understand why a guy cannot stand in the presence of the one lady he claims to love to express his intent, rather than do it on Whatsapp of all places. This barbaric act is very common with broke guys since they cannot afford to propose to a lady at exotic places. They subscribe to Whatsapp monthly plan of 10MB and will use it to propose to their girlfriends on Whatsapp call, OLX, Facebook, Snapchat, 2go, Badoo, etc :D

2. Public Transport

It's mildly embarrassing to see guys proposing to their girlfriends in danfo buses, keke napep, BRT buses, molue. In fact, some guys are broke yet confident that they can woo and propose to a random lady on okada. This is one of the ways broke guys normally propose to ladies 
3. In the Bedroom 

I want us to know that it's not every guy that can afford to propose to a lady at Shoprite, Silverbird cinema or Elegushi. And as a commissioner for broke guys on social media, many will agree with me (Tosyne2much) that some of us will rather propose to our girlfriends on a low key in our one face-to-face apartment in order to avoid public mockery and embarrassment. 

4. At Beer Palour

At funny as it sounds, those who are broke and are battling with low self esteem will first get drunk at a local restaurant for morale boosting before proposing to their girlfriends. This is usually due to the fear of rejection but after gulping ten bottles of beer and two plates of nkwobi, they get drunk and begin to propose to her publicly. 

5. At the Roadside/ Bus Stop 

To some people, you will not have a successful marriage in as much as you haven't put your girlfriend on the spot by staging a drama and popping the question in front of family, friends and enemies. Some of us must have witnessed at least a guy who proposed to his girlfriend at Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Iyana-Ipaja bus stop, Alaba international market, Ladipo market, etc; and other places dominated by thugs/area boys. 

6. Market Places

I know a guy in my area who got the shock of his life when his girlfriend turned down his proposal and walked out on him simply because he proposed to her in a market place. She felt embarrassed and quickly took the next available okada when her boyfriend proposed to her in a place where pepper, tomatoes, ponmo, locus beans are sold. When the guy was made the subject of laughter by people who witnessed the scenario, he told them not to blame him that he was broke and that was what he could afford to do. 

7. At People's Party 

Broke guys are naturally smart people and can steal other people's show just to create attention for themselves. Since they can't afford to make an elaborate marriage proposal, they will steal other people show by proposing to their girlfriends when they see that the places is crowded so that the attention will be diverted to them. Some of them will even take their marriage proposal pictures with Sagem or Alcatel phone :D

8. At Funeral 

As funny as it sounds, some broke guys can propose to their girlfriends where people are mourning the death of their loved one. This has once happened in Ojuelegba where a guy was beaten to pulp and handed over to the police for proposing at a funeral. 

9. At NYSC Camp

Many will agree with Tosyne2much that another place broke guys normally propose to their girlfriend is NYSC camp ground. The moment they meet their future partner in camp, they make it seem like a joke and will propose to her even though they only survive by their monthly alawi being offered by federal government. 

10. Election ground/ Polling Booth

Last year we saw the story of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend at a polling booth since that's what he can afford. This is usually common with APC supporters :D

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