Ladies, 10 Ways To Cope With A S*x Starved Boyfriend

One of the greatest headaches of many young ladies in relationships is the issue of s*x. While they find themselves entangled in love, some guys tend to take advantage of their undying love with inappropriate sex demands even when their intention is only to hit and run away  

If a lady denies a guy s*x, it is either the guy thinks she does not love him or she is actually having it with another person. 

Dating a s*x starved guy comes with a lot of frustration, patience and endurance, and the following preparations and activities will help a great deal in helping ladies to know how to cope with them. 

1. Avoid visiting him during rainfall 

It's a known fact that, a 'weather for two', usually used on rainy days to imply a perfect weather for sex has pervasively become the order of the day in this the so-called modern days. The situation now is such that, it is an opportune time many guys normally satisfy their thirst for s*x. It's a very bad idea and a great torture to visit a s*x starved boyfriend in a rainy weather when you know you're sexually restrained :D

2. Take your leave when his joystick erects*

Be prepared to leave the scene the moment you're having a non romantic discussion (ASUU strike or rats invasion in Buhari's office) and his joystick begins to change from its default position. In fact, it should be the very moment your conversation starts hanging, words become scarce and both of you start staring at each other. In order to not seem like you're punishing him, endeavour to take your leave the moment he leaves where he was sitting and comes over by your side breathing heavily like Usain Bolt after an 100m race. 

3. Never allow his friends vacate the room  

The moments his friends who were all with both of you start leaving one after the other for no good reason, this could be arranged so that the show can begin :D . This is the right time to persuade them to stay and make them understand that you're feeling their presence, and that you may be forced to leave if they don't stay. When you are able to convince them to stay, you have spoilt their plans. 

4. Always wear tight clothes when visiting 

Another way ladies can cope with their s*x starved boyfriends is to wear tight clothes that have restrictions. This would make it  pretty difficult getting them out of the cloth and it would give them enough time to lose interest when the chances of pulling the clothes is likened to chasing Buhari out of Aso Rock.. They are likely to get disappointed and you will hear statement like "this outfit doesn't make sense at all, why did you even wear it to my place? " :D

5. Always bring an escort along when visiting 

Many will agree with me, Tosyne2much that it's practically impossible for him to initiate s*x when you bring someone along with you. If you have no friend around, take your dog along so that it will cause distraction. Although, this may cause quarrel between the both of you but it's one of the ways of protecting yourself 

6. Avoid visiting if he has no chairs in his room 

Some guys can go to the length of keeping their chairs in the neighbour's apartment, leaving only the bed so that the lady will feel more relaxed and distracted. The best thing to do is to take your chair to his house or better still, kindly sit on the carpet :D

7. Always dress Rural/ Unappealing 

The way you present yourself matters a lot and you can't blame your boyfriend for demanding s*x from you when you act, dress and behave like someone who is willing to give it. If you're the type that usually dresses skimpy and flirts about, it won't be easy to cope with a starved guy. The best thing to do to piss them off is to avoid wearing skimpy dresses but rather a cloth that has fifty shoulder pads and can be wide enough to sew bedsheets. This will make you look sexually unappealing and it will make the guy's joystick go flaccid the moment you knock on his door :D

8. Always talk about Jesus in his presence

Always sing hymns and talk about Jesus Christ at regular intervals each time you're together. Always send Daddy Kumuyi's preachings as whatsapp broadcast first thing in the morning. Use Jesus' pictures as your wallpaper and screensaver and also paste in on the four walls of your room. 

9. Avoid passing the night at his place 

Even if circumstances beyond your control force you to pass the night at his place, avoiding sleeping on the bed with him, but rather let him sleep on the bed while you sleep on the floor and vice versa. This is a way of protecting yourself when you aren't willing to give in. 

10. Direct him to your pastor or parents when he initiates s*x

This is a shocker for most s*x starved guys and it will make them lose interest rapidly. Since they have no marriage intentions they will never want to come see your parents but will look for a way to bow out of the relationship. 

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